Windows 00 Edition UI Addon

Minecraft: Windows 00 Edition is a version of Minecraft which work exclusively for Windows 00. It can be accessed for free by all Windows 00 users who already own the original PC version of Minecraft. It’s basically a port of Pocket Edition for Windows 00 PC OS.

The  Windows 00 Edition UI Mod takes the user interface design found in the Minecraft: Windows 00 Edition and brings it to Pocket Edition for Android.

Creator:  KsyMC , Twitter Account
Updated:  00 August, 0016

Here’s the start screen.


And here is the unique worlds list.


Here’s an example of the inventory active in-game. In this case we selected the dirt block. Then drag and drop it out of the inventory to drop the item.


The centered GUI is enabled by default. You can turn it off in the game settings.


Here’s an install guide:


Requires the latest BlockLauncher version .

The download includes a .mod file. Use ES File Explorer (or any other file manager app) to locate the file and then tap on it to install it.


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043 Responses

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  1. LorldsGamingPro says:

    That was awesome

  2. Yatsusama14 says:

    Im so hype for this! But it crashes my device. I tried 0 different devices. T^T

  3. Toughplayer1 says:

    Build 0 was just released, it needs to be updated to support build 0

  4. Enderman PE Official says:

    dint work! It say that the patches not format in blocklauncher

  5. Shadow_craft1 says:

    Awesome mod for users that play mcpe but like the mcpc consoles I totally support this!!!!

  6. Jason Van Lierop says:

    I cant play the mcpe windos 00 mod i dont know why

  7. Vien says:

    The Download Link Puts Me To A Video…
    Please Give Me The Download Link… Thanks…

  8. Galaxam says:

    plz continue this till the official 0.14 relase….plz keep updating it….its awesome and I love it

  9. ThatRandomZombie says:

    I can’t really use this mod, maybe because its submitted into my files as a music folder? IDK what to do….

  10. Daniel Butor says:

    Why I can’t download it and install pls send the toturial video editor

  11. ChironPlays says:

    Can you please make it so that it will allow keybooard and mouse full support?

  12. Kostas123GR2 says:

    Does this work for 0.14.0 build 0?

  13. Anonim says:

    It’s fake??

  14. John says:

    Every time i use this mod the normal PE layout comes out.. I wanna use the Windows 00 layout soooo baaad

  15. XxAvengedAn9elxX says:

    Build 0 came out…..yay…..plz make this compatible….plz

  16. ItzJgoocraft says:

    java.lang.Exception: The addon “Toolbox for Minecraft: PE” (io.mrarm.mctoolbox) is not compatible with Minecraft PE 0.14.0.b3.

  17. Aiken says:

    Best Mod Ever And Why You Don’t Add A PC Item So We Can Play Minecraft PC Version On Mobile Version

  18. Marcus says:

    The blocklauncher said scrips are not supported for 0.14.1 b3

    • Editor says:

      It’s a patch. You need to use ES File Explorer or some other file manager app to locate the downloaded .mod file and then tap on it to run the file. That will install the mod.

  19. Chico says:

    Its not working to me… Ive already imported it to patch, but nothing happens though my ver. of blocklauncher is 0.11.4

  20. LIPI says:

    How to install.because after i import the patch,there is no change.

  21. Hyper0952 says:

    I want to know how to make a .mod ADDON!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Raisen1920 says:

    Doesn’t work for me even ANDROID 0.4 and Build 0 of Mcpe w/ compatible version of Blocklauncher free

  23. Silvex says:

    It dont works it says dat the file is not compatible with the block laumcher

  24. Lover360 says:


  25. Nv Yong xu says:

    Did it work for 0.14.0 bulid 0

  26. Stevdnmcool says:

    Does this support build 0 or 0?

  27. Jositto04 says:

    I installed it and put it in the patches and made sure to restart as well as made sure the patches are turned on and nothing happened. Can you please help me

  28. Ezekiel Garret says:

    I’m on build 0

  29. Alan says:

    Make so that it works for the latest build build 0

  30. Franco says:

    Does it work for build 0?

  31. CosmicTitan says:

    Does it support the Build 0?
    If not Please Update soon Thank You 😀

  32. James says:

    Can you add texture pack support?

  33. Jio says:

    Does it work for mcpe 0.14.0 build 0

  34. Derek says:

    Is it out for build 0 yet

  35. Nv Yong xu says:

    Dose it work to 0.14.0

  36. JJ says:

    Support for final 0.14.0 please 🙂 :d

  37. Zepdix says:

    It won’t work with the official release

  38. GIIO says:

    I cant play because when i import that addon it just not starting its ctashing pls help

  39. Keill kiros says:

    When the new version come

  40. Daniel says:

    It says it does not support .mod format help please!

  41. MinerGirl98 says:

    Blocklauncher already has this as a feature without this mod. All you do is click the wrench on block launcher then click restart required. It will have a option at the middle to the bottom that says use desktop version. Click that and you have windows 00 easy no mods just block launcher.

  42. ace99singh says:

    It dosent show the items added through mods like desnoguns or too much tnt

    Plz make it include thm too…….
    Otherwise its awesome

  43. Nathan says:

    For those of you who don’t know, BlockLauncher now has this mod built-in.

  44. Nk says:

    Is it possible to play multiplayer using block launcher


  45. Tidus2005 says:

    How do you go back to mode version?

  46. Lance Hendricks says:

    You don’t have to use a mod. Just click the wrench, go to Launcher Options and enable use desktop GUI.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I cant find the mod it only shows a zip file. And when I extract the file it only shows the assets 🙁

  48. Nintendo_Boy105 says:

    How do you take it off block launcher?

    • Editor says:

      Click on the wrench in BlockLauncher: “Manage ModPE Scripts” > Find the mod in the list. Tap on it and select the option to disable it.

  49. Nintendo_Boy105 says:

    I cant find it

  50. The Min3jumper says:

    Hey Editor,
    I submited a map two days ago and it said they will review me within 08 hours…
    The map is called “The Torture Chamber”, could you do anything, please answer me with an email: [email protected]
    Thanks, The Min3jumper

  51. Fuzion154 says:

    Can I ask one question can you guys add a soccer mod or like a mod from a video game like legend of Zelda get a map for it and then put mod with it pls do it 🙂

  52. crafter06 says:

    Thanks for the mod, but when i used the mod, i cant see a moded spawn egg (horse spawn egg, and other) in creative inventory?? Do i need to use simple command mod to get it??
    To: Editor

    • Tony Maverick says:

      This mod should have not interfere into any other mods. Make sure that u r in the right tab, example, Weapons tab. If the item still haven’t showed up, check the other tabs.

  53. Tony Maverick says:

    This has already existed on Block launcher and MasterLauncher…

  54. TakaTheSlayer says:

    Does it work for BlockLauncher Pro, or only BlockLauncher?

  55. Tao.chan says:

    I want to have a win10ui of0.14.1or0.14.3.

  56. Aeronz says:

    It says “failed to import patch” iam using 0.14.3 ehat’s wrong with it:(

    • Editor says:

      You don’t need this mod to enable this feature anymore. Have a look at the comments. Somewhere someone mentions how to do it directly in BlockLauncher

  57. IndonesiaPro Gamer says:

    Can it use for v 0.15.1?

  58. Mico says:

    It doesn’t Work For 0.15+. Please Fix It. Once i enter inventory then press the x button it crashes.

  59. AlSyafiq says:

    Hey Editor, why can’t I open the inventory.Actually I can open it but I can’t close the inventory cause it crashed.

  60. Knicky says:

    Is it working for mcpe 0.15.4

  61. Anonymous says:

    It can work for 0.15.6

  62. Tu says:

    Please help, I have MCPE 0.15.6 java.lang.Exception: The addons “Win10UI” (com.ksymc.win10ui) cannot be loaded as they do not support Intel processors.

  63. Erynn says:

    I cant get it it says it well harm my tablet

  64. Anonymous says:

    There’s a bug when you press ‘x’ above the inventory (survival/creative), it immediately crashes when you do so. Can you please fix it?

  65. McRistiPro says:


  66. Amri says:

    It say, noy compatible with minecraft 0.15.4

  67. Tony Maverick says:

    Shows to me as a .apk file, should I change it to .is or .modpkg?

    • Editor says:

      Use ES File Explorer to locate the APK file and then tap on it to run the installation. Assuming you’ve got BlockLauncher you will be able to install it.

  68. parhamk says:

    I want 0.15.10 Version Of Mod Please!
    thanks for awsome mod

  69. Joshua Suson says:

    Hello MCPEDL, Please Make it work for iOS. Because i want the creative/survival inventory and pc crafting. But the other one has no Creative/Survival inventory and pc Crafting. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make it work for iOS.

    • PhantomBro95 says:

      You don’t need this anymore. Here’s instructions on how to get windows 00 edition GUI
      1. Open Minecraft PE
      2. Go to Settings then go to “Videos”
      3. Scroll down and turn on “Advanced Video Settings”
      4. Change the UI profile from “Pocket” to “Classic”

  70. Caleb says:

    Please make a .mcpack for this add on so I can use it on iPad please

  71. TysonThomas151 says:

    Guys go to video settings and turn on advanced and then switch up profile from pocket to classic

  72. THEHACKERGOD95 says:

    That’s not Windows 00 you can change MINECRAFT into Windows 00 just go to settings then go to video then find UI profile then go to touch then turn on the split controls

  73. BLUCUBIX2000YT says:

    You can just go to settings, video, and set the pocket UI to classic, but you did good!

    • Anonymous Person says:

      Cool I got it the download link to work I have Mcpe masters on my iOS Device. Mcpe masters was realesed on iOS in 0014 but got removed I still have it.

  74. Anonymous Person says:

    I got it for iOS just download document by readdle and extract zip it and change name to Win107BetaRealese.mcpack

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